Feb 26, 2012





Back home again!


When we both woke up again we were already very close to Frankfurt. There was about an hour’s flight time left and it went by pretty quickly. Soon we had arrived at Frankfurt airport and we were getting off the plane. We went through passport control and customs and since we had missed both dinner and breakfast we wanted to find somewhere to have a nice early lunch.

We walked around the airport a bit and found a nice looking restaurant. There were several tables available and we ordered some Diet Cokes and lunch. We started out by sharing a bread offering, which basically was some fresh Pretzels, whole grain bread and baguette and some butter and cream cheese with chives. The Pretzels were wonderful and even better with the butter and cream cheese. I had ordered a Käfer's salad, that came with spring rolls and sweet chilli dipping sauce. It was huge and very tasty and the spring rolls were perfect. Tom ordered a “Wurstsalad”, which basically is sausage, pickles, onions tossed in vinegar dressing. It came with Roasted Potatoes and was very good as well. Bellies filled again we went to find our departure gate.

Again, it was at the other end of the airport and we made our way over there. We sat in the waiting area for about 30 minutes, then we were allowed to board, well, board a bus to take us to the aircraft that is. We found seats, sat, waited for the bus to move and then finally got on board of our plane home. We left perfectly on time and soon had reached cruising altitude. The flight attendants handed out chocolate covered Cookie bars again and we both had Coke with it. We landed on time, went through customs and before we knew it we were on the way to our car in the car park. We got everything into the boot, hopped in and off we went. After leaving all our suitcases at home, we called the cat sitter and asked if it was okay to pick up Pixie right away. And two hours later we were all home again and back to real life.