August 9, 2018




Letís try this again! - Part 1

It felt like Groundhog Day when we got up again, got ready to head to the airport again



and finally sat in a taxi taking us to the airport again.

Thankfully, this is where Groundhog Day ended.
We arrived at the airport about 45 minutes before we were supposed to take off, dropped off the luggage, walked through security and sat down for a while until we were able to finally board the small plane that was taking us to Frankfurt.






They handed out small bags of uneatable hard and dry breadchips, which we did not even open as we had had a nice breakfast to hold us over.


After only an hourís flight we arrived at Frankfurt airport,



where the aircraft was parked at the furthest out spot


and we waited for a bus to take us to the terminal for a while, but once we had made it to the terminal we just checked which gate we needed to go to and off we went. Short bathroom break and some duty free shopping later we were on our way to our gate and when we arrived they had already started boarding. The line was long and it took quite some time until we were able to board, but we finally sat down, stowed our luggage and waited for the plane to leave. 

The flight attendants handed out welcome drinks,


Mango-Orange juice with some mint in it, which was quite nice and we sat and sipped and while doing so the captain came on to inform us that we were waiting until the baggage door was sealed and he would give us more information lateron.
About 10 minutes later we were told that we were to sit where we were for another 45 Ė 50 minutes as there was thunder and lightning over Belgium and they were trying to find us another flightpath, but for the moment we were stuck.
After an hour and a half of just sitting there waiting, the bad weather had finally made it to Frankfurt and it was now starting to rain.
Again, the captain came on and informed us that they were now working on a way to get us out of there, before the storm.
Just what we needed.

Thankfully it only took them about 10 minutes and we rolled onto the runway and off we went.
We were now about two hours late.
The captain apologized for the delay and went on to tell everyone that he was clear to use the shortest possible way and we might make up some time, but we would not be there on time.


Okay, at least we were moving.
The flight attendants were quick to hand out




small bags of crackers and some drinks and then vanished to prepare lunch.
About an hour into our flight we were served a (now) quite late lunch. Flying premium economy the food usually is quite good on the way to the US and by now we were hungry anyway. They handed out the trays with our choice of chicken or pasta and we were ready to dig in.



We had a


Seasonal Salad with Cherry Tomato accompanied by Italian Dressing. For our main course we had chosen the


Fried Chicken Breast on Cream Sauce with Spinach Leaves in Garlic Cream and Roast Potatoes, which was really nice and tasty. For dessert there was


Tangerine Cake with almonds and garnished with whipped cream. Nothing to write home about, but not bad either. We also had some


Pretzel bread and some butter and Camembert Cheese, which was really nice. They handed out some chocolates after dinner and then we just watched a few movies on the onboard entertainment system.
We were surprised to see that the captain hadnít lied when he had said that he was to fly a direct route.



It was straight across the Atlantic and on to Florida. The flight was mainly uneventful and about two hours before we were supposed to land we were served dinner.