August 10, 2018





Let the fun begin! - Part 3


Photos done, we picked up plates and returned to our table and our tablemates had arrived by now.
It was their first time, so after some pointers we all went to try our goodies. We both had a plate of the savory offerings, which were all very nice.




Round one in the bag, we went to pick up some more drinks. We chose something different this time, as the first one was not quite to our liking



and then Tom went to get another plate of savory food, while I went and got some of the galactic breadpudding with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.


So yummy. And while we were stuffing ourselves some of the Star Wars characters were coming through


and interacting with guests, mostly ones that definitely displayed some Star Wars T-shirts and there was this cute little Darth Vader who had such fun interacting with the (grown up) Stormtroopers. They had us all in stitches. And after that Tom and I went back a third time to taste some of the desserts. Tom just stuck to fruit and a cupcake, while I tried some of the new dome desserts.



And then it was all over. Cast Members came around and asked us to head back to the buffet if we wanted something else, but we would all be marching over to the fireworks spot in a few minutes. Tom and I finished our desserts, then went in line and waited to be walked over. It took a few minutes while they found some cute kids to lead our procession and soon we were on our way. The spot was different to where we had been previously, right in front of Chinese Theatre. Not knowing how the new show and fireworks were going to be we followed the rest and went right up front. Not the best of places. While we had an absolutely wonderful view of the projections, we were way too close to fully be able to see most of the fireworks.









Once the fireworks were over we packed the Stormtrooper mugs



 we had gotten as a memento of the party into our bag and hoping that many people would leave we walked towards the Tower of Terror. No way, they were showing a 60 minute wait. Too much for us. We slowly walked back to the Chinese Theatre, where the crowds were lighter now, but still thick. We both were tired with it being our first night and so we decided to just check out the new Toy Story Land. We were pretty sure there would be no way to ride either ride, but at least we could get a glimpse of it at night. So we walked past One Manís Dream and around the corner and were in awe. How cute was this. It was great to experience the land at night with all the lights and Slinky zipping through. We watched the alien ride for a bit and it looked like good fun, but nothing we would wait for for hours.


But we had to fight the crowds and so after having a look around we decided to head back to our resort.
We took our sweet time getting to the exit and then finding our bus and when we walked up to the bus stop one was just loading people. Walking a lot faster we made it, even found seats again and off we went back to the Contemporary and Bay Lake Tower. We arrived back at our resort shortly before midnight and were happy to be able to fall into bed.