Sept 9, 2012





Last leg of the trip


We slept right through breakfast and woke up when they removed the trays. It was nice to find out that there would only be 1 more hour of flight time and so we got ourselves ready and presentable and in what appeared to be very little time we were landing at Frankfurt airport.

We disembarked, then walked some long corridors and finally ended up at passport control. There was a short line and we were through. We only had 90 minutes until our next plane would leave so we headed right over to our departure gate. This meant that we would have to get through another security check. The line was LONG! It was long and moved very slowly, so we were happy that we had enough time. Finally we made it through and headed over to our gate. We had not had any breakfast or lunch and it was past midday, so we looked for somewhere to buy some snacks, but then our flight was called, so we boarded, walked down to board a bus and off we went to the far end of the airport, to board our small plane home.

We were quickly seated, and soon after we were off. About 10 minutes into the flight we were handed some chocolate covered cookies and some drinks and I think we both had Coke. We nibbled our cookies and soon it was time to put up the seat backs as we were approaching our home airport. Our airport is fairly small, so we were able to walk from the plane to baggage claim and customs. We made it through customs and then walked outside to the taxi that we was waiting for us. 25 minutes later we were home. We moved all the luggage inside, then grabbed the car keys and went to pick up Pixie from her cat hotel. On the way there we stopped at a gas station to do some grocery shopping and finally picked up the cat princess.

Half an hour later we were finally all home again and back to reality.