Aug 22, 2012





A DVC meet, a DISmeet and fireworks from Bay Lake Tower


Since we had gotten in late the day before, we really slept in and only got up past 8. We got ready and then headed outside to the car, took the top down and drove over to the Wilderness Lodge. I had read about the Mickey Waffles they offered at Roaring Forks and we had decided to try them. We made it to the Wilderness Lodge and headed over to the restaurant. It was pretty empty and we had a look at the menu and ordered our breakfast.

 It took quite some time for them to get it ready as the waffles were freshly made and they needed to wait for some of the ingredients for the toppings. Once she had got them we were handed our breakfasts, Tom had picked up some drinks and we quickly paid for our food. There were lots of unoccupied tables and we sat close to the condiments bar. And then it was time to sample the goodies. Tom had the Strawberry and whipped cream waffles, which came with a side of bacon and were really tasty, while I had ordered the Bananas Foster Waffles, Mickey Waffles with warm bananas in a buttered rum sauce. They came with a side of bacon as well and it was good so, as the bacon counteracted with the sweetness of the sauce. But no matter how sweet it was, it was still very good. Breakfast in belly we were ready to head out again and our first stop was the Outlet Mall again. This time we were sure the measurements for a new bag were right and we went right to the Samsonite store and got the new bag. Tom had been eyeing a wheeled backpack for a while and since we were in a shopping mood we picked that one up as well. On the way back we stopped at another outlet mall, just to find a Vera Bradley store and a Dooney and Burke outlet store. Unfortunately they didnít carry any Disney Dooneys, but we vowed to be back after our cruise. We then headed back to our villa to find that it was already serviced and we had something to drink out on the veranda before we were on our way to the Boardwalk.

It does not take long to go there and before we arrived we filled up the car again, then drove into their parking lot and were quickly welcomed. We headed inside the resort and then down to the Atlantic Dancehall for the next appointment we wanted to go to, the DVC meet. We arrived rather late and people were already streaming into the building. And after showing our DVC cards we were handed vouchers for some snacks and drinks and a slip of paper which needed to be filled out in order to be put into a big bag for a giveaway. When we finally entered the Dance Hall it was FULL. Before we went to look for a seat we joined the line over at the buffet and handed in our vouchers.

Tom got a bag of Pretzels and I picked a bag of Cracker Jacks, which we had never tried before. Then we joined another line for the drinks and finally got two cups of lemonade. We didnít find a seat and stood towards the back, leaning against a bar. Shortly before the meet was supposed to start a Cast Member came by who told all the people standing that they had opened up the upstairs and we were welcome to walk up and find a seat. We did and found a table with two chairs and plopped down, waiting for the presentation to begin. We did expect this to be a presentation of DVC, looking forward to learn new things about it, but it turned out to be something totally different.

Instead of what we were thinking it would be it was kind of a childrenís party, with party games and sing alongs. We were VERY happy to be seated upstairs, away from the ďactionĒ where we only had to watch and not participate. It was a long hour in which we always waited to hear some news but there were none. After the meet we all moved towards the exit where we all got DVC hats and then were left out on the Boardwalk. Tom and I decided to walk over to the Open House and have a look at what Boardwalk Villas looked like. There were quite a few more people in there but we did get to have a good look around and even a chat with some Cast Members.

We had skipped lunch and since we were so close to the Boardwalk Bakery we walked over and picked up a counter service to take back to our villa to share. Purchases in the bag we headed back to our car and then over to Old Key West.

We were back within a few minutes and headed upstairs to our villa for our snack and a short break.Tom had picked the Ham and Swiss Panini which had come with a bag of chips, while I had ordered the Coffee Mocha Cupcake which was one of the very best cupcakes I had ever had at WDW. Tom opened a bottle of Black Cherry Lemonade, which he had picked up and had wanted to try, to go with it. After filling up our bellies again we were ready to head out and over to Downtown Disney again for another DISmeet. We had said to meet at Ghirardelliís and were a little early. It looked a lot like rain and we hoped it would not start until we had met Michelle and her daughter Angelina. It didnít take too long and they arrived. In addition to her daughter, Michelle brought her sister Tracy along and we instantly bonded and had a blast. We found a table along the lake, which was sheltered by an umbrella and it didnít take long for the heavens to open up, but we had fun and chatted and were looking forward to our cruise together. We had so much fun we did not even notice how fast time had gone by and dusk had set in. When we finally said our goodbyes we were surprised that we had sat there close to two hours. And after some hugs we went our separate ways again. Tom and I headed back to Old Key West to get changed because despite the umbrella we both had gotten a little wet.

Around 8am we were in the car again, this time driving over to the Contemporary Resort and Bay Lake Tower. DVC members were allowed to use the Top of the World Lounge, even if they didnít stay there and we had loved the lounge when we had stayed at Bay Lake Tower in February. The BLT parking lot was rather empty, so we parked our car there, walked up to the hotel and showed our membership cards at the desk. We were then pointed towards the elevators and told to wait for a Cast Member to take us up. Within a minute the elevator doors opened and a very friendly young lady welcomed us and asked us to step inside the elevator. She took us up and once we walked up to the lounge we were surprised to find it pretty crowded.

We looked around and were happy to see some guests departing, so we headed over to that spot and sat down.We were still trying to look through the menu when a server came to take our order. Tom wanted a Budweiser, while I tried one of their Speciality Cocktails, the Bay Lake Sunset, Stoli Vanilla Vodka, Parrot Bay Coconut Rum and Pineapple Juice with a splash of Grenadine. While the server went to pick up our drinks we had a look at the food menu and decided to order some things to share. We wanted to share the Cheeseburger Flat Bread, bison, rootbeer glazed onions, Tillamook Cheddar, Bibb Lettuce, Toma Tomatoes, Dill Pickle Mayonnaise, Mustard, Ketchup and the Chicken Sliders, a trio of burgers with herbed goat cheese, local tomato jam, and jalapeno ketchup. Both were really tasty and enjoyable, even though I would have loved some cutlery to make eating a little easier, but we managed. While we were still munching our snacks the fireworks went off and it was fun to see them from the comfort of the lounge. Some parts were a bit cut off, but it was so nice to be able to see them and sit there munching flatbread. When Tom had finished his beer he ordered a Diet Coke, while I wanted to have another one of their cocktails.

I ordered the Key Lime Coconut Martini, Midori Melon Liqueur, Stoli Vanil Vodka, Pina Colada mix, Pineapple Juice and a drop of fresh lime juice. It was delicious and we sat and talked and enjoyed the lounge. Once we had finished our second drinks, we asked for the bill, applied the Tables in Wonderland to the bill, paid and went outside to enjoy the view from the deck. Shortly before 10 we went back to our car and drove back home to Old Key West. We watched a little more TV, had a few drinks out of the well stocked fridge and munched some chips and Tortilla chips with dip sauces. Around half past 11 we were in our beds and ready to fall asleep.