Sept 5, 2012





Letís be lazy today


Again, we slept in a little, but around 8am we got up, made ourselves a little breakfast with things out of the fridge and by 9.30 we were out the door. We had a little more shopping to do, so we wanted to get that out of the way. A friend had asked us to pick up some Harley Davidson stuff and we finally wanted to get it before heading to a park. We had looked up where the nearest store was, programmed the GPS and off we went. Well, once at the store they did not have what we were looking for, so we went to the next address, which funnily enough was the Prime1 Outlet.

So we went there, checked the store, asked for the items and heard that they didnít have it either, but they called another store in Kissimmee and they said they would put the articles aside for us to be picked up in the afternoon. And since we were at the Mall anyway, we just paid the Character Warehouse a visit. And guess what, we did find quite a few things we needed to buy. Most of all another Thumper for little cousin George, whose ďfirstĒ Thumper was really showing some wear and tear. Purchases in hand we headed back to our car and programmed the new address into our GPS and off we went. The shop was at the far end of Kissimmee and it took us quite a while to get there. But once we had found the shop we were greeted in a very friendly way and when we explained what were there for they went and got the things we needed from a back room. They then told us that they had a special offer, a duffle bag, which we could buy very cheaply as we were going to buy something at a certain amount. We didnít think long about it, and agreed on buying it, not knowing HOW high the bill would be. When we finally were confronted with it, it took us quite a bit by surprise. Tom paid with his credit card for it, we picked up the bags and put them into the boot. While driving through Kissimmee we stopped a few times to check out a few stores, then before we headed back to Old Key West, we stopped at another Walmart to have a look if they offered some souvenirs, jeans and childrenís clothing. We found quite a few items and picked up a few things for lunch as well.

At around 2pm we were back at our retreat, baked some frozen pizza and tried the new salads we had gotten. We were both very hungry and had a really nice feast. And while Tom had gotten lunch ready I started some more laundry, which we now put into the dryer. And while the dryer was on I started getting our Ownerís Locker box started. There are so many things we can now leave in the US, but packing the box needs some thinking about. Tom made notes of what had gone inside, so we would know what was in it and it took quite some time until we were done. Around 4.30 we put on our swimsuits, grabbed some beach wear and headed over to the pool. We got some towels and found some chairs, then headed into the pool.

After a while I pointed out some people to Tom as I was not sure if I was right or not. Low and behold it were Carole and her husband who we had met the previous day while leaving the Magic Kingdom. We swam over and spent quite some time together in the pool. It was past 6pm when we finally headed back to our villa, showered and then thought about what to do. Well, we didnít really feel like driving anywhere, so we plopped down onto the couch, put our feet up and enjoyed some TV. Around 9pm we prepared a late night snack, some baked Mozzarella sticks and some garlic bread and some of the left over salads in our fridge. It was a really lazy afternoon and evening, but we enjoyed it very much and went to bed at around 11pm.